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During my time in Cairo, I’m staying at my parents apartment which is situated right in the heart of old downtown Cairo. A place called “Medan el-Opera” or Opera Square. This is the same building that my dad grew up in under the roof of my grandfather and grandmother god rest their souls. You can feel the history in the air. Unfortunately downtown has become an extremely filthy place, it’s really hard at times to be able to appreciate all the subtle beauty this place in Cairo has to offer amidst the insane crowds.

The Best time to appreciate the living being that is “Wost el Balad” or the City Center, is to head out right before dawn and take it all in. The streets are literally empty, the astounding old buildings with all the details and magnificent sign-age is there and ripe for your eyes to feast on. Which is exactly what I did yesterday.

After walking from our appartment towards the main station “Ramses Station”, I headed West towards “Tahrir Square” where the Egyptian Museum is located amongst many hotels and a huge government building. I encountered a bunch of kids playing the infamous Egyptian version of football, known as streetball. After observing them for a while, they invited me to join them, I couldn’t refuse. Time to polish the old set of skills, a humbling challenge since I was wearing slippers, especially given the fact that most of them were too and they were all really talented. The kid I handed my Camera and keys to was ecstatic, especially when I gave him a quick tutorial on how to use it.

This morning also marked two occasions, the beginning of Eid el-fitr (Celebration of feast) and also the end of fasting the month of Ramadan. I woke up to pray the dawn prayer in the morning with my family and we then all headed together towards the local Masjid (Mosque) to perform the eid prayer. A beautiful tradition that brought back a lot of memories from my childhood, the weather perfectly complimented the mood and smiles on peoples’ faces. This is looking to be a wonderful Friday.

I’ll be heading tonight to my friend Yahyas’ place south of a suburb of Cairo Helwan, called Maadi to spend the night as in the morning we will drive together, with his wife Heba and daughter Alia towards the remote resort on the north east coast of Sinai on the Red Sea, called Ananada, situated between Taba and Sharm el-sheikh. A 4.5 hr drive, I couldn’t be anymore excited.

“Samujana is located in the north east of the resort island of Koh Samui. Gfab are designing 26 villas. The first villas were completed in 2005. Each villa averages 450sqm living space with private swimming pools. The accommodation offered is typically 4 bedroom/suites with en suite bathrooms, a study which converts to a 5th bedroom, naturally ventilated living & dining rooms and air conditioned rooms for audio/visual activities.”

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