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September 10th, 2013

In The City – London Exhibit.

I’m going to be participating a group exhibit show organized by Kalimat Magazine design_atelier_ called In the City, an absorbing graphic design and sound art exhibition which provides a rare glimpse into four Arab cities. Hosted at P21 Gallery, the exhibition will be a first of its kind in London to showcase a series of commissioned and pre-existing works from an eclectic line up of established and emerging Arab designers, illustrators, video, and sound artists. In the City transports the audience through four enigmatic, but overlooked Arab cities - Alexandria, Algiers, Baghdad and Nablus – by recapturing and re-imagining elements of those cities. The collection explores each city’s panorama through their streets, landmarks, people, signage, and sounds. Every room contains elements borrowed from the city it represents, forming a variety of installations that will entice interaction between the audience and the work.

Participants: Sherif Adel, Yusef Alahmad, Nora Aly, Mohammed Nabil Labib, Maajoun, Nayzak, Wael Morcos, Nour Tabet, Ghada Wali, Ibraheem Youssef, Mohammed Zakaria, And Design_atelier_

Visitor information: Exhibition runs from 26 September-15 December 2013 | Open Wednesday-Sunday 12.00-18.00 | Closed 16 & 17 October

Location: 21 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD | Nearest underground: King’s Cross/St. Pancras and Euston Station | Tel: 020 7121 6190 | Web:

Full Press release: Available at this link.

April 3rd, 2013

The Daily Post Project

My good friend and talented Vancouver based Graphic Designer Ross Charles -whom I previously interviewed before here- has started this cool daily series. The Daily Post Project is a (daily) graphic interpretation of The New York Times Opinion page headline. It is also a platform for graphic designers to produce something original and creative every day, without the constraints of clients, briefs or budgets. It is completely subjective with the only real constraint being time. He also occasionally invites guest designers to contribute. This week I’m that guest! check it out.

The day you ask? Why it’s Monday. This weeks’ star of the obsession sessions is no other than my good bud Tameem Youness. In his own words “Tameem Youness is not a very common name in Egypt, which gives me hardtime ordering food for example. I am 31, have twins and love sarcasm”. I met Tameem back in fall of ’99 at the College of Fine Arts in Cairo. Outspoken, charismatic, and full of energy, Tameem and myself became friends and have maintained that friendship ever since. The only way I can describe him really, is he’s a modern day Davinci with a wicked sense of humour. Tameem has so many creative outputs, it’s simply ridiculous. Animation, Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Music, Funny Videos, Mini webshows, Stand-up and more, chances are name a creative activity and Tameem probably dabbled in it, and did a pretty damn good job doing so. Over the past couple years, Tameem has become a Youtube celebrity with his witty videos that poke fun at everyday Egyptian life situations. Currently Tameem works as an Art Director at JWT Cairo.

I: What’s the earliest memory of a creative activity you did?

T: I think it was an alarm I made for my room when i was 6. It beeps and the light blinks when the door opens.

I: If you weren’t doing what you do right now, what would you be doing?

T: Electronics or something software related maybe, film making? music…

I: Inspiration, who? what? where?

T:  I must say I was very lucky to grow up with inspiration everywhere, starting with my mom who is an extraordinary undercover artist, my brother Ahmed Hafez who works in the same field now and taught me almost everything, college/friends and colleagues, people like Mahmoud Hamdy, Sherif Samy, Ibrahim Islam, Ibraheem Youssef, Mohamed Foad, Yahya, The Great Ahmed Hefnawy, Ali Ali, Hamdalla, and many others. International figures like Mohamed Ali, Michael Jackson, David Droga are on top of the list. Places like London and Tokyo although I’ve never been to the latter, but it really inspires me.

I: Share any of piece your work, recent or old and talk about it.

T: This is the campaign we did at JWT for Nestlé IceCream “Maxibon” and Well, The idea came as a last resort. We came up with six other ones and then this finally hit me. Kids eat any junk they encounter, they’re mostly frustrated and always daydream about eating their problems up.

Then the idea that whoever can eat this monstrosity of an ice cream sandwich, would be able to gobble up anything in his/her way. Since, according to the way these kids think “I can’t change my life, but I can eat a big ass ice cream and forget about everything.”

Above all, we thought, c’omon, we’re selling ice-cream here! so let’s be less smart ass about it and let’s do something stupid! Presenting the idea to the client was anything but smooth, but we finally convinced them. And our work paid off, because it proved that creativity indeed sells, maybe a bit too much in their case considering they ran out of stock in the market.

The best thing about this campaign, is that it empowered people to take ownership of the brand, they embraced and loved the brand, creating parodies and singing along, instead of the brand trying to act cool and relevant to them. Even ”Ensa homoom el donya ya sahby” “forget the worries of the world my friend” the line in the song featured in the ad, became a golden quote in Egyptian local folklorish music.

I: Name 5 websites that you check often.

Yay Every Day!

Monday! Inspiration! This week I’d like to introduce everyone to a good friend of mine, Canadian Graphic Designer, Ross Chandler. I met Ross back during our days together at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where he really stood out to me with his keen eye for what is fresh and unique in Design and his overall easy going nature. I’m glad that we’ve kept in touch even after graduation, from hanging out together in Toronto, urban exploring in Tokyo and cycling adventures on the southern coast of Japan, I’ve always cherished the inspiration I derived from spending time with Ross and always check in to see what he’s working on for immediate doses of inspiration and motivation. Currently Ross is back in his hometown on the western coast of Canada, Vancouver where he is a Senior Designer at fresh design studio Subplot.

I: What’s the earliest memory of a creative activity you did?

R: In the pages of my Archie comics, erasing Betty & Veronika’s clothing and re-drawing anatomically correct characters. I guess even as a 9/10 year old I was interested in art direction. And at that age, there was a growing interest in the aforementioned subject matter.

I: If you weren’t doing what you do right now, what would you be doing?

R: Doing something related to professional sailboat racing. I love the water and sailing as both recreation and a competitive sport.

I: Inspiration, who? what? where?

R: I first really took notice of design when I became aware of Milton Glaser (NYC). He’s prolific and his work has a timeless balance between creative thought and mischief. Parra (Amsterdam) is doing amazing contemporary interpretations on the type of humour and graphic style that started in Glaser’s era.

I try to stay open to as many people and creative works as possible. There is so much going on in so many different disciplines that it’s difficult to keep up! I am competitive, so I am very much inspired and motivated by my friends, colleagues and of course my partner Sonnen who is the greatest source of inspiration in my life.

I: Share any of piece your work, recent or old and talk about it.

R: This is a poster & custom typeface I designed to promote myself. I had been working as an independent freelancer for over 2.5 years and to be hones was craving the social aspect of studio life. It was produced as a large poster which folded down into a pamphlet size. The back is a monotone blue preview of selected projects (not shown). The front was printed in (metallic) Pantone 877 and we trapped the black typography to maintain it’s punch! I printed 250, handed out 18 and got one phone call. I’ve been working at Subplot since that call.

I: Name 5 websites that you check often.

The Guardian
Otis and Frank
RBMA Radio
Sailing Anarchy

Monday, Mohamed, More (Inspiration!), three words that start with the letters M and O. Bare with me here and meet Associate Creative Director / Product Designer my good friend Mohamed Fouad. I met “Fo2sh” -as he’s commonly known amongst friends- back in 1999 at the FineArts College in Zamalek, Cairo, and he’s always struck me as an original creative person. Born in 1981, Mohamed studied Architecture and worked for about a year and a half as an Architect, then decided to change careers because he couldn’t adapt to the prevalent style of architecture found in Egypt. He is a big fan and believer in the Bauhaus school of art and design. Currently he is an Associate Creative Director at Leoburnett Cairo.

That is one side of his life, on the other side recently he started product/interior design label Stuffed Pigeon as a way to do something that he loves. The name came out of the famous Egyptian meal “stuffed pigeon”. The philosophy of the Stuffedpigeon is derived from adapting ideas and elements commonly found in Egyptian culture, being a proud Egyptian, embracing hand made artisanship, and always maintaining the highest standards. Not only is it a product design house offering simple, functional, creative and unique handcrafted products from furniture to home accessories, to toys and bikes, it also adopts an open and interactive workshop setting based on the product development process using the fewest possible resources and materials to achieve functional creativity. It strikes a delicate balance between minimalist simplicity and indulgence providing enriching experiences without pretension.

I: What’s the earliest memory of a creative activity you did?

M: A multiple electricity cable. I did the first prototype 5 years ago, I prefer to show the final product and talk about it when it is final.

I: If you weren’t doing what you do right now, what would you be doing?

M: Club owner!

I: Inspiration, who? what? where?

M:  Everything I see around me. I believe that Egypt is very inspiring in everything because we still use the old stuff that we have next to the other new technological products. Also, the normal basic products are a 100% man made craft, functionality is the main concept not a shape or a color. When i travel I try as much as i can to get inspired by other countries art and behavior. I also got inspired by my father in terms of crafting techniques as I used to watch him fixing and try to fix everything around.

I: Share any of piece your work, recent or old and talk about it.

M: LAMP-02

This product is one of my many other products using the same technique, it is made out of PVC pumping pipes – a very interesting material to work with- not to mention very inspiring, because it is easy to work with it and flexible.

The inspiration behind this product came after I found extra PVC pipes left after finishing the studio, first I didn’t know what type of the product I’ll work on, then I bought PVC connections and understood how it works together, after which I created lots of shapes like table frames, hangers some bathroom accessories, finally  I started to sketch this lamp and work on three different prototypes in terms of shape and measurements till it ended up with this design.

It is spray painted in a fine matte finish, available in a variety of colours, and overall gives a nice diffused light as the output is from 20 to 40 walts.

I name the products as it they are commonly described, I only add numbers to differentiate them from each other.

I: Name 5 websites that you check often.

not Cot
It’s all mental masturbation
Design is kinky

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