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October 16th, 2013


So, this summer I visited Stockholm. Fell in love with the place, and as usual, made a video.


August 2nd, 2012


I went to Japan for a couple weeks earlier this year and instead of the usual ritual that usually consisted of taking hundreds of shots, I decided to do something different. This video is a compilation of videos I shot whilst traveling across the land of the rising sun. Enjoy!

It’s Thursday, time -Pun quite intended- to check out what object we have in store for us. This weeks’ significant “thing” is courtesy of my good friend and graphic designer supreme Lee H Wilson.

“Here’s an object for you. I spent 3 months in Thailand, and the only souvenir I wanted to buy was a watch with Thai numerals on it. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find a watch without roman numerals… it actually took me the entire time I was there, going in and out of little shops, without any luck. On the last night in Bangkok, I went to the night bazar at Sanamulang, across from Thammasart University. After looking around for an hour without any luck, I was digging around in a junk box, and pulled this out. It had no strap, just the watch face. I guarded my excitement, bargained a good price 250THB, around $8USD, and walked away really happy!”

November 11th, 2010

Back home. Toronto.

It feels great to be back in this city. 45 days away is quite a while. I found that in the last days of my journey, I was really itching to get back to creating. Since I didn’t have my laptop with me, it just meant that the “creating” was restricted to being in idea forms, I filled two moleskines with ideas, ready to execute whenever I have the time. Most of the ideas were done in random cafe’s in Seoul.

Speaking of Seoul, It is the most wired city I’ve ever been to, almost 9 out of 10 times wherever I was in the city, I was able to find a free wireless access point. Which is quite amazing, considering in a place like Tokyo, that is unheard of. That was really the only exciting thing about Seoul, the fact that it was designated as Design Capital of the World for 2010, was a bit deceiving to me. Upon arriving there, It dawned on me that the award was for what is planned ahead, for the effort that is being put into re-modelling the South korean capital based on Design principles and not for what is ACTUALLY on the ground. The city is mainly bland and monotonous, but they do have potential to become amazing, the big trick is getting society to embrace design in their daily lives and beings, a practice that I’ve noticed time and time again is embodied by the Japanese.

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of revisiting the land of the rising sun, for the simple fact that unlike any other people, I feel that they completely understand and appreciate the value of design in daily live. I’m speaking in general terms of course, but it is truly amazing to witness the sheer beauty of that practice being applied almost everywhere. A true joy. I’ll be speaking a bit more about my travels in Detail sometime in the near future.

My journey consisted of the following cities in order :

Toronto > Cairo > Tokyo > Seoul > Fukuoka > Seoul > Istanbul > Toronto

A total flight travel time of 54hrs in 45 days!

At the moment though, it’s crunch time that I’m back, I’ve got a heap of print back orders to deal with, and new projects are popping up here and there. I’ve just finished working on a tour poster for comedian Aziz Ansari, which I’m really happy with, I’ll be releasing a shot of it soon once it is released by the artist.

For now I’ll leave you with this sunset shot from Fukuoka, a city which I definitely have a lot to talk about in the future. My favourite Japanese city, artistic, independent and unique.

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