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April 18th, 2010


“Based on two 46-inch Panasonic TC-P46G10 plasma screens, a Mac running specialized software, a Wii remote, a custom-built IR-emitting necklace, and an iPhone app, Winscape creates two virtual windows, which can display static images up to 4096×4096 resolution, or 1080p video — with sound — and tracks the necklace wearer’s movements around the room, realistically changing the view out of the “windows” accordingly.”

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April 17th, 2010

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“First, I perceived these chairs as design classics. But then I realised that their main quality lies in their sustainability and environmental friendliness: there is no material wastage, and the chairs are very lightweight,” says Fukasawa. “They meet all the requirements for a perfect product. I deeply respect this and therefore I have tried to base my designs for Thonet on the same philosophy. I wanted to create something very simple, something uncomplicated for Thonet.”

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