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What a year 2010 has been! The end of the first post-millennia decade. What is interesting though is that YouTube itself has only been around for 5 years. Founded by 3 former PayPal employee’s it has grown into the number one video site in the world. YouTube is simply awesome and has really changed the way we interact with the internet as a species on an ongoing basis. To commemorate that, I got together with my friend, fellow Art-Director Paul Parolin and we worked on a poster showcasing the Top 100 Most Viewed Videos of All time in All Categories on YouTube. Which is available here

Paul and myself enjoyed working on this thoroughly throughout December, It started off with a massive YouTube 5 hr viewing session, in which we watched the top 100 Videos of all time and brainstormed / sketched their respective iconography. After that, all sketches were traced into the computer and lovingly nurtured and in turn adhered to a tight grid of 10×10.

We got together on New-years’ Eve & while everybody was cheering and high-fiving each other, we were dedicated to officially document the Top 100 videos of all time at the stroke of midnight.

The result two days later as we put the finishing touches on the poster, is simply outstanding. We are super excited to unveil it and share it with everyone. The Poster measures 22 x 30 inches, and is silk screened by hand on a 24 bond, 100% Archival Cotton based paper in editions of 400. All Limited editions are signed by Both myself and Paul, numbered and Date Stamped. You also will receive an empty 8.5×11 empty sheet with spaces to fill out from 1-100. You can use it to challenge your friends and see how many videos they are able to recognize without looking at the legend below. Priced at 50$ each,

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