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April 3rd, 2013

The Daily Post Project

My good friend and talented Vancouver based Graphic Designer Ross Charles -whom I previously interviewed before here- has started this cool daily series. The Daily Post Project is a (daily) graphic interpretation of The New York Times Opinion page headline. It is also a platform for graphic designers to produce something original and creative every day, without the constraints of clients, briefs or budgets. It is completely subjective with the only real constraint being time. He also occasionally invites guest designers to contribute. This week I’m that guest! check it out.

One of the greatest action films of all time, The Dark Knight. It was bound to appear on my radar when it came to my next movie poster project. And after weeks of work, I’m finally proud to share my latest creation. I’ve struggled a lot with this one. From the get go, the concept of Batman -one of the greatest heroes in modern history- has alluded me. How can I portray this tormented vigilante, show his struggle to enforce his own vision for justice. I watched and re-watched the film dozens of times, pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding and stopping the film. I read and re-read the Frank Miller comics -which I believe really represents the truest form of Batman. And finally, I came up with that “Eureka” moment.

This will be a limited edition 18×24 inch print series, printed on high quality Giclée Strathmore #100 Bond printing paper. The prints will be limited to an edition of 50 only, obtain yours here.

Update: Happy April Fools!

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