Thursday. Objects. This week, the guest that is sharing his “object” with everyone is no other than one of my best friends and THE most inspiring person I know, Paul Parolin. I met Paul back in ’03 at the Ontario college of Art & Design, we attended classes together, were amongst the first people to get a job before even graduating and work together at the same agency, we even lived together in the same infamous house at Rusholme Drive in Toronto, had our birthday parties together, worked on a poster for YouTube together, just to mention a few of our joint activities. Paul currently is Associate Creative Director at creative powerhouse agency The Hive in Toronto, creating amazing stuff. Now, If I could only get him onboard the obsession sessions ….

The Stoop, 1952
Concrete, chicken wire, vegetation, glass
45 sq ft including lower level
Installation at Rusholme Drive, Toronto, Canada

“It was Morsello’s intention that this form be interacted with, viewed close-up and even touched.
In order that the heft and mass be perceived in myriad of settings, The Stoop was placed outdoors, subject to the effects of changing light, seasons and drunkards. Brimming with vibrant energy, the richly textured surface is often adorned with bottles. Now an iconic symbol of creativity, indulgence, excess and profanity, over the year’s it’s become a mecca calling to Westend Torontonians alike.”
~ Paul R. Parolin.



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