December 29th, 2010

A Brief chat with AKUTOU  |  32 Comments

I was recently exposed thanks to the wonders of facebook (Shout out to Adham) to this brilliant french artist, named AKUTOU, all caps!.First of all before you start reading the interview, i HIGHLY enourage and recommend for you to check out his website first. It really sets the mood and is one of the freshest websites I’ve seen in quite a while.

Back to the interview, I was fortunate enough to get some of his attention to answer a few questions.

ib: hey man, how about you start by providing a brief introduction of yourself?

AK: Howdy. Sure, I’m AKUTOU, I’m a graphic designer living in France near Paris. I create digital pictures for a living. I’m a lone wolf who learned how to do things by talking to people who have a passion for the medium rather than school teachers. I’m so much fun I make myself laugh. Like, right now, I’m laughing (but you can’t see it).

ib: hahahhaha, ok .. what would be your first creative related memory?

AK: I guess that would be LEGO’s. I use to have tons of these when I was a kid. I remember buildings, trains… I would follow the instructions in the manual step by step, the more complicated, the better. But wait, if I’m following a book’s instructions it’s not really creative, is it? Sometimes I’d go random and create stuff. People are  creative when they’re kids. Then when they grow up they tend to lose that creativity, and they point their finger at people who are still creative and scream “artist!”. I have no idea what I’m talking about right now. Next question.

ib: You have a very definitive style and aesthetic, can you share with us your creative journey from the early beginnings and how you were able to mature your style over the years?

AK: I don’t know, I just jumped in with both feet. I look what people do, get inspired, do my stuff, look back at my stuff, look back at what people do, and so on… With time I get better on the technical aspect of things, I learn from my experiences. I guess style is sharpened and shaped by this experience and of course, the things I love.

Design for me feels today like it felt at the beginning, I don’t think I’m more mature. I don’t think I want to be mature. I might be more comfortable now cause I know a bit more what I’m doing but I think style is related to what I feel or what I’m into. It’s inspirational. You need to have interesting things to say to make interesting pictures. And you need interesting things to happen in your life to have interesting things to say. Did I confuse you? Merry Christmas! I ate your chocolates!

ib: cool, what are you favourite three pieces?


Digital EP cover for Always Never Records. I really had fun drawing it and I quite like the final result.

This one is a bit older, I did it for Franklean. The concept was to recreate the vibe of GTA Vice City game. It took me a while to draw it but it was worth every hour. I’m working on a similar piece at the moment.

This one I did for fun. If you checked some of my works on Flickr or my website, you’d know by now that I got plenty of characters from movies or video games I like. Snake is one of them.

ib: That was awesome, Thanks for your time. On a parting note,
What are the sites that you must visit everyday?


I just bought an iPhone recently so these days I keep checking websites looking for cool iPhone applications. This site is pretty cool, lots of game reviews.

I’ve just spend the whole night watching music videos on Vimeo. Check Miami Horror vids, dope stuff. This one’s worth checking as well.

And if you want the track, RCRD LBL has it available free download. Useful site full of cool songs. If you want some suggestion, look for songs from Javelin and maybe Toro y Moi or Bag Raiders.

Peace out



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