I’ve been meaning to conduct a series of interviews with people that inspire and motivate me on a more regular basis. Enter the Obsession Sessions. Every Monday morning you can expect a new brief interview with someone that I think is simply doing something outstanding.
This week, I’d like to introduce you to Jonathan Mutch, a young uber talented graphic designer that I randomly met over the internet. We were both pleasantly surprised that we also found out that we both live in Toronto. I’ve known him for two years and he’s been inspiring me ever since.

I: What’s the earliest memory of a creative activity you did?

J: I think the first time I really fell in love with design was when I was in the sixth grade. We were supplied with these white binders to hold some of our projects for the year, and were asked by our teacher to design them. I brought in a few issues of Mountain Bike Action and Car and Driver and cut out my favourite bikes, cars and logos and decorated the hell out of that binder. I loved every minute of it. I loved aligning the logos on the spine, the loved the overlapping shapes and colours, and I loved the textures formed by the cut outs and the decoupage.┬áIt wasn’t until years later that I realized that I could do basically the same thing, for money.

I: If you weren’t doing what you do right now, what would you be doing?

J: I was always unsure what I wanted to be. I wasn’t passionate about anything career-wise until quite late in my life. To be honest, I have completely no idea what I’d be doing. Perhaps a photographer.

I: Inspiration, who? what? where?

J: I find inspiration from many things, but mainly talking to friends, colleagues and fellow students. I also collect a huge amount of images from various sources online. I have found most of my strongest ideas come to me when I’m doing something completely un-design related, such as cleaning my apartment, exercising or just walking to school. Getting away from the computer, sketching out ideas and just talking about the project with friends has helped me so much, and is something I wish I started doing sooner.

Designers that are inspiring me at the moment are:

Michael Cina

Network Osaka (Derek Kim)

ISO50 (Scott Hansen)

Olly Moss

I: Share any piece of your work, recent or old and talk about it.

This piece was done for a type class last year at OCAD. I recorded 12 hours of my day and went exploring in Toronto’s west end. I documented what I saw, what I ate, who I spoke to, what I listened to, how far I walked, etc. It was a hugely challenging exercise but I felt it paid off. I restricted myself to one typeface (DIN) and 1 colour. The project took many forms before this final iteration was created, and I felt I improved as a designer in the process.

I: Name 5 websites that you check often.








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